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"Davis and the crew hit the
big-blues-band mark with originals
and a couple of classics. Davis
can wail on the guitar (Blues for My
Father) and finger-pick deep blues
(Lonely Man Blues) but it's full-on,
soulfully arranged brass and
guitar-driven songs such as That's
How I Learned to Sing the Blues
and A Minor Thing, sung by
Donnay; Old-Fashioned Woman
with Jabo and Davis trading
verses; and Still Got the Blues and
It's Tight Like That, led by Lynn, that
show the essence, the power and
the pull of big-band blues. Here's
to several more hours of Davis'
Jim Beal, Jr.
© 2011 San Antonio
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Advance Praise for 24 Hour Blues:
"Every once in awhile in a long
recording career you run into an
artist who is more than a client.  
Charles Davis is a great guitarist
and that goes without saying.  What
is more important is that he is a
great songwriter, spirit, and friend.  I
met him through my mentor and
close friend, Calvin Owens.  This first
album of Charles’ music is
continuing the tradition that Calvin
brought to the music of Houston,
Texas.  Big band blues with fiery
guitar, sax solos, horn sections
and a quartet of great singers
make this album a must for any
blues fan. You will enjoy the
phenomenal vocal talents of
Roberta Donnay, Trudy Lynn, Rue
Davis, and Jabo - Texas Prince of

This is only the beginning of a lot
of great music that you will hear
from Charles Davis.  Stay tuned for
more to come; meanwhile enjoy this
album.  It is great living room
listening and even better driving
music.  ‘Keep big band blues alive.’”

Andy Bradley
Chief Engineer
Sugarhill Recording Studios
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" . . . have been enjoying it all week.
The players are outstanding and
the horn arrangements are
top-notch. I particularly dig 'You
Don't Know Me' and 'That's How I
Learned To Sing the Blues.' Great
stuff all around."

Mark Stewart
The Blues Review
KRTU 91.7
(c) 2011 Blues House Records, LLC